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Real Estate Management

REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT. OFFICE GTA Cap Rate: 4.75% - 7.75% (2014 3rd quarter) Office properties have very stable cash flow and extremely low vacancy rate. Tenants usually pay most expenses related to the property. Lease agreements between tenants and landlords are long term which secures low intensity management. The nature of tenancy guarantees a minimum depreciation and damage to the property. It is a low risk commercial property investment category. SHOPPING CENTRES AND HOTELS GTA Cap rate: 4.75% - 11.5% (2014 3rd quarter) Shopping centres and hotels have a moderate risk level among commercial property categories. They yield stable and high revenue from rental income. Vacancy rates for shopping centres and hotels are very low in GTA area as most existing...
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Real Estate Development

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT. WHAT IS THE TREND OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT IN TORONTO AND ONTARIO? The Greater Toronto Area witnessed a huge uptrend in the real estate market during the past 5 years: a total of 36% price increase in the past 5 years (at the top of all major cities in Canada) and more than 15,000 new units built annually. The following outlines the main reasons why to the Toronto real estate market performs as it does: • Demographically, Ontario has had tremendous population growth, and more of the same is expected in the future. Ontario’s population is projected to grow by 28% over the next 25 years, from an estimated 13.5 million in July 2012 to almost 17.4 million by 2036. The GTA’s share of the provincial population is projected...
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